A Vibrant Economy

We are seeking to stimulate ideas and actions that can create a vibrant economy – one which realises the shared potential of companies, cities, people and communities across the UK

A vibrant economy could accelerate economic progress across the UK

It is one that believes that business can do well as well as do good. It can be an economy which empowers people to bring out their best: one based on purposeful growth, achieved through collaboration, which nurtures thriving cities and communities nationwide. Where growth is not an end in itself, but a means of enabling us all to pursue our ambitions. We want to work with individuals and organisations across the public, private and third sectors to help develop the foundations of a vibrant economy.

We know that getting to that point will not be simple or easy

It means tackling at root some of the UK’s fundamental social, technological and economic challenges. It means harnessing the collective resources, creativity and belief of all, across the public, private and third sectors. It is about the difficult questions, inventive answers and collaborative solutions that can achieve meaningful progress.

Therefore we’re undertaking a national inquiry into how a vibrant economy can be scoped, shaped and developed in the UK. We will work with cities, businesses, public and third sector organisations across the UK to understand the challenges faced, the opportunities for change, and to facilitate the means to achieve it.

How will it work?

A commission will steer a series of thematic and city-based inquiries over the course of the next 18 months, supported by a sustainable growth tracker, and a community of individuals and organisations who exemplify what it will take to build a vibrant economy: the Faces of a Vibrant Economy. Meet the inspiring leaders behind the Vibrant Economy Commission.