We are seeking to stimulate ideas and actions that can create a vibrant economy – one which realises the shared potential of businesses, cities, people and communities across the UK

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To help lead this nationwide inquiry, some of the UK’s pioneering business leaders, charity executives, local government representatives and thought leaders have formed the Vibrant Economy Commission. This commission will focus on everything from health to housing, trust to trade, regulation and regional growth.

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The three areas we believe are crucial to building a vibrant economy

Faces of a Vibrant Economy
Meet the 100 Faces of a Vibrant Economy – a group of individuals selected for their roles in shaping a more purposeful, innovative and socially responsible business environment.

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Latest Thoughts & Insights


On 17 January, representatives from the West Midlands’ leading private, public and third sector organisations gathered to imagine a future where the region is synonymous with positive collaboration and thriving growth opportunities. This was the West Midlands Live Lab.

Innovation’s importance in addressing housing supply

Live Lab seeks ways to sharpen skills and talent opportunities in the west of England

On 1 March, the West of England’s leading businesses, charities and public sector institutions came together to imagine the region as home to world-class talent and skills. This was the West of England Live Lab.

Live Lab imagines Leeds as home to inclusive growth and cross-sector collaboration

On 31 January, Leeds’s private, public and third sectors gathered to plan a future Leeds City Region renowned for inclusive growth and successful collaboration. This was the Leeds Live Lab.

Claire Braithwaite on creating a vibrant Manchester

Why businesses must play their part in reinventing cities

Why a council tax rise alone will not solve the social care funding crisis

Enabling entrepreneurs for the good of the West Midlands

Banks are nowhere near a Kodak moment (and maybe that’s a good thing)

Live Lab imagines a world class, connected Reading

On 1 November 200 people – including business, arts, charity, public sector and university leaders – joined forces for a day to reimagine ways to make Reading a world class, connected community. Here's what happened at the Reading Live Lab